5 Tips for learning a second language

5 Tips for learning a second language

1. Immersion

The most important step to learning a language is to surround yourself with it! This doesn’t mean you need to move to a foreign country. However, there are small things you can do on a daily basis to get extra practice. 

  • Turn on a movie you love in the language or at least add subtitles to the movie and read along!
  •  Listen to music in the language you are learning while you drive. 
  • Make your phone settings be in the language.
  • Try your best to think in the foreign language rather than translating. 

2. Overcome Fear of Mistakes

Learning a language means messing up A LOT. Let go of trying to translate sentences perfectly before you speak. Just go with it! The most learning comes from the errors you will correct. 

3. Connections 

Find people to practice with! You will learn much more from participating in conversations than you will from observing. These people become your best teachers and study helpers! 

4. Absorb the Culture 

The language will become part of you as you absorb where it originates from! Try the food of the culture you are learning. Practice listening and learning the music. 


Above all, be patient throughout the process. Learning a new language takes time! And if your dream is to master it..consider how much you are still learning about your native language! Dig deep and enjoy the ride! 


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