About The Name


Doors are most commonly found as the legs that support bridges. Bridges are notorious for connection. Although we don’t make the direct connection between the student and teacher, we do support it.

About DOOR

Our Mission

Expanding your knowledge – one class, one teacher, and one connection at a time

About Our Vision

Our Vision

Enhance the world with new learners who are excited to expand their skill set and live a more knowledgeable, purposeful life.


About DOOR

Why Join Us?

There is more to life than simply living. True happiness comes from engaging with the world and with other people. It leads to growth and change. If you can contribute to that change in someone else, you can find fulfillment like never before. If you are searching for someone to help you in your endeavors, search no more! Find the missing piece to your puzzle here at door. It doesn’t matter if your child is 5 and struggling with reading or you are 50 and have never tried to play piano. Everyone starts somewhere. So start today! Learn something new with us. Pursue your dreams and create lasting friendships. Live with greater purpose.